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Eliminate tedious searches, navigate unstructured data effortlessly, and make informed decisions.

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No more endless searches.
Say bye to sifting through long documents.

With our AI, dive straight into actionable insights and data-driven environmental decisions.

At Arboretica, we transform traditional sustainability analysis with streamlined and digitized processes. Combining AI, open-source intelligence with expert analysis, we empower organizations to make faster, impactful decisions by uncovering meaningful insights from the world’s public data. 

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Bye Overwhelming information

Automated, exhaustive data collection from diverse sources, and unstructured formats from over 30 languages

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End Tedious
manual work

Accurate extraction of key insights in a scalable and efficient way with no technical training required

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Farewell Contextual Nuance

Informed decisions backed with verified context using AI specially trained on sustainability domain knowledge

ESG Benchmarking

Redefining ESG Analysis – Comprehensive, Contextual, Completely Automated. Generate human-like ESG analysis with verified sources at a click.

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An AI platform for deciphering decarbonisation targets, powered by state-of-the-art Large Language Model technology.


We develop rigorous technologies to tackle challenges using public data and network analysis, addressing the key pain points in ordinary data analysis


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