Unleash the power of open-source


Our proprietary algorithmic process provides a unique combination of network intelligence, semantic analysis and automated data collection algorithms to answer questions not possible by ordinary analysis



Find reliable data points based on specific search criteria across a wide range of public data sources. Our algorithms extract and aggregate data from different formats into a clean, structured and intelligently annotated data stream


Network Intelligence

We construct network maps from one dimensional text data to study its structural properties in a dynamic format. Our custom network analysis algorithms can help identify sources of influence, quantify the flow of information and uncover hidden connections


Semantic Analytics

We use NLP and machine learning algorithms to extract structured information from large amounts of unstructured data. We are specialized in extracting target information from text even when it is presented from a wide range of languages and formats

Technical Advantages

Our portfolio of algorithms can address the key pain points in traditional data and content analysis


No silo in data sources with global coverage

We exhaustively collect data from global sources including:

  • News: comprehensive coverage of 200K + daily articles from over 30 languages
  • Social media: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms on-demand
  • Public records: Government, NGOs, academia databases, reports, medical and financial data etc.

Advanced network analysis

Our proprietary network algorithm connects scattered information pieces:

  • Sphere of Influence: map out relationships and key influencers from clusters of information
  • Information Path: reveal how fast and wide your target information can spread online
  • Connection Mapping: reveal hidden connections between entities from unstructured data

State-of-the-art algorithms

We assemble a portfolio of algorithms specialized in:

  • Natural language processing to comprehend information from a large amount of unstructured data
  • Machine learning to pinpoint key information and predict trend, pattern and engagement behaviors
  • Custom ML models to accurately detect different types of relationships among target entities

We keep advancing our capability to provide truly comprehensive information and generate unbiased insights. Currently our solution covers data sources globally in over 30 languages