A Large Language Model (LLM) to decipher the credibility of business, government,and financial institutions’ decarbonization plans​

The climate change science is clear:

The world must reach “net-zero emissions” by mid-century if we are to avoid the most dangerous climate change impacts. But what does “net zero” actually mean, and how do we decipher who is taking credible action? General LLMs, such as ChatGPT, are not attune to the nuances of net-zero targets. They often fabricate false, but generally convincing statements when queried for specific details regarding an entity’s decarbonization efforts.


In an era where the integrity of net-zero targets is translating into legal liability, consumer confidence, and our ability to meet collective climate goals, accurate and timely information is essential.


Verified Sources​

Answers based on data verified by the Net Zero Tracker and renowned experts​

No Hallucination

State-of-the-art technology to rigorously check for and eliminate hallucination

Updated Information

Live connection to the internet with most up-to-date data​

Self-upload Documents​

Receive expert evaluation on your own reports​

Fine-Tuned Process

Grounded LLM to solve climate-specific challenges

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