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ESG Benchmarking, Fully Automated

The AI copilot to supercharge your ESG research

Redefine ESG understanding with our innovative benchmarking tool, powered by advanced AI. Dive beyond mere numbers, we paint the entire picture, placing your company in the broader ESG landscape. Our solution offers deep, contextual analysis, moving beyond basic metrics to give you meaningful, actionable insights tailored to each company’s unique data .


Comparing your organization’s ESG policy with competitors is complex and time-consuming. Our solution streamlines this process, allowing you to easily assess your own ESG performance against peers at lightning speed. It provides a clear understanding of where your company stands, highlighting areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

Support strategic
decision making​

Making informed decisions related to ESG is essential. The benchmarking tool provides verified data-driven insights, enabling you to prioritize ESG initiatives based on their potential impact and alignment with your organization’s strategic goals. It ensures evidence-based decision-making, so you can allocate resources effectively.

best practices

The benchmarking tool allows you to identify companies that excel in specific ESG areas and understand the best practices they employ, because the tool allows you to jump to the relevant source right away. This knowledge helps you develop targeted initiatives, and drive improvement in  your company’s ESG efforts.


We deliver fully automated, ChatGPT-like results with 100% verified information

Insights based on exhaustive data

Our analysis is based on all publicly available information (reports, press releases, social media,..), instead of a single yearly report.


Insights immediately Copy-Paste ready

We prioritize usefulness. It’s not just another analytics database – it’s your easy-to-use ESG analysis assistant.

No hallucinations: 100% verified insights

We verify every data point in the result. All insights come with the reference to the original sources in the tool.

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Built our own ESG Taxonomy

A large ESG taxonomy that has been applied to highly influential projects.

Cutting-edge LLM technology

Our tool has ChatGPT-like power. We’ve carefully crafted our LLM & proprietary network intelligence algorithms.

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Data collection fully automated

No more uploading data. Our AI + domain expertise ensures all you need is automatically available.


Questions we answer

Is my company ahead or behind the industry in Biodiversity commitments?

How much investment has the industry committed towards natural capital?

What is the most relevant methodology when updating my ESG pledges?

Data automatically collected

Choose your target companies and the tool automatically collects all relevant public data. No data input required from your end.

Key points visually summarized

We provide aggregate key information at different levels of details into structured formats for each specific ESG topic.

Drill-down analysis & comparison

The information has several layers of depth. Output can be directly copy-pasted for management reporting.

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