Detect hidden business relationships from news, social media and market reports to construct a thorough, unbiased knowledge of your industry landscape with a centralized solution

Key problems that we solve

Map out networks of entities in a target industry

Detect key player relationships of an industry

Reveal hidden connections between business entities

Conduct in-depth competitor intelligence

Build a comprehensive industry knowledge base

Monitor industry news and events in real-time

Practical Case

Relationship Data Mining

Enable smart and automated business network mapping with advanced network intelligence algorithms. We reveal the complete landscape of your industry and competitors at your fingertips

Our Services


Detect business relationships from news and market reports to build a comprehensive knowledge of your target industry's landscape


Reveal chain of connections between entities to study the influences and dependencies in the target industry


Study your competitors’ marketing strategy, organization structure or regulatory engagement from public sources


Track the change of industry relationships dynamically with automated open-source intelligence technique

Why Work With Us


We have a deep experience in providing the centralize tool to help you gain industry insights and bypass all the hassles caused by scattered analysis across different teams and regions


Our exhaustive search method guarantees a complete view of industry data to support and derive objective industry insights with a robust mathematical backing


Leveraging on our unique network intelligence algorithm, we are specialized in mapping the connections and networks of entities within your target industry, and visualize industry relationships in real-time