We extract every possible piece of knowledge for your target topics from public data, and dig out hidden insights and relations using network analysis algorithms

Key problems that we solve

Extract every possible piece of knowledge for any given topic of interest

Exhaustively collect and evaluate data sources available

Transform unstructured data into a clean and interpretable format

Scan for knowledge changes with a highly automated process

Practical Case

AI: Scaling to Meet the Demand for Environmental Policy Analysis

Collect, rationalize and store critical information from structured and unstructured data sources for your target topics. We make sure there’s no information missing in your knowledge base

Our Services


Evaluate the volume of collectable data for a given topic from online articles and other open data sources in over 30 languages


Execute data quality control, cleaning and matching to prepare the data into an analysis-ready shape


Identify, extract and populate key information from raw data into requested formats in a highly automated process


Build dynamic dashboards or notification systems when needed and perform customized analysis on top of the knowledge base

Why Work With Us


Instead of struggling with finding the right information you need, we leverage the power of our algorithm to exhaustively search for data sources in various locations and formats, and to identify the relevant information with a high degree of confidence


We provide flexible solutions to help you extract information from unstructured sources, including PDFs, web pages, academic databases, documents and social media to have all information unified in a single source of truth


We enhance your knowledge management capability by ensuring continuous tracking of information changes to keep your knowledge base up-to-date with the minimum manual effort required