Keep up with the latest trends around your topics of interest and receive in-depth insights using automated news analytics pipeline

Key problems that we solve

Automate news data collection with global coverage

Monitor targeted events with interactive visualization in real-time

Monitor topics from LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media on daily basis

Generate structured insights in raw data, report or tabulate formats

Practical Case

Harness the Power of News Monitoring to Optimize Environmental Messaging

Our Services


Collect 200K + daily articles from over 30 languages to have any news insights presented at your fingertips


Monitor targeted events from news, social media and other open-source spaces to deliver insights on the go


Map out connections and hidden networks between entities from news events to shape an objective understanding of the world


Visualize media and events in a real-time dashboard and interactive charts to drive actionable insights

Why Work With Us


We provide event monitoring pipeline with no silo in data source, covering information from news, social media, blogs, and other media to enable 360-degree event monitoring


We pair our network intelligence algorithm on top of the event monitoring pipeline to connect the dots between scatters information and generate action-driven insights


We provide dynamic dashboards and interactive visualization to enable effective communication of your insights