Revolutionize policy analysis with the power of open-source intelligence (OSINT). We develop a highly automated pipeline to search, collect, rank, analyze and track policy content globally with high-level of details on a variety of topics

Key problems that we solve

Collect direct and indirect policy content exhaustively

Free up manpower from tedious policy reading

Tackle language barrier with algorithmic search

Empower traditional research with automation

Practical Case

Nature-Based Solutions Policy Tracker

Our Services


Use machine learning algorithms to exhaustively search for all policy information relevant to your topic of interest from public sources


Extract key content from various unstructured sources, such as PDF files, to save researchers from the tedious task of reading each document


Perform advanced natural language processing on policy content in various languages to ensure comprehensive policy insights coverage


Rank documents based on relevance to the target policy topic and filter out irrelevant sources automatically with a high degree of accuracy


Update and track policy changes with minimum manual involvement. Set up the alert system to send notification of new policy updates


Capture interactions between country, local or company level actors from both direct (e.g. gov.) and indirect (e.g. academia) sources

Why Work With Us


With limited manual input, our solution can process 50x, 100x, even 500x more documents than the manual process given the same time period, thus significantly improving your work efficiency


Our AI solution tackles the barrier of traditional policy analysis such as language, location and volume. We provide a highly automated and repeatable process to collect policy data from over 30+ languages globally


We guarantee the completeness of policy data collection to provide an unbiased view to drive policy actions. We not only scan policy content from direct sources but also from indirect sources to uncover hidden policy items