Key Opinion

Measure key opinion leaders from the angle of “influence” to shape your end-to-end influencer strategy, from identification to measurement to engagement

Key problems that we solve

Shape the Key Opinion Leader strategy of your organization

Study the network inside of an organization to locate hidden influencers

Identify the right KOLs to advocate for your competitive advantage

Use predictive content creation to drive high engagement

Practical Cases

Use AI to Break Free From Your Journalist Network

Topic Enthusiasts: Twitter’s Genuine Influencers

Our proprietary network intelligence algorithm will show you the real power of science-driven influencer analysis and network mapping

Our Services


Identify top and fraudulent influencers under each given topic and protect you from low return engagement activities


Analyze the profile, network and interests of your target KOLs to form the best engagement strategy with the KOLs online or offline


Identify KOLs beyond social media that can influence the decision-making process in your industry’s regulatory body


Analyze the impact of current influencers and optimize ongoing influencer engagement with dynamic network analysis


Investigate networks of connections and identify influence circles within an organization or topic area


Provide wording-level content guidance by identifying spheres of influences of target content to drive higher KOL engagement

Why Work With Us


Unlike most service providers who conduct KOL analysis based on engagement metrics, we measure KOLs based on “influence” – how far can information spread from this KOL, and how wide is the KOL’s sphere of influence


Our KOL analysis is omni-platform, not just on social media. Our deep root in open-source intelligence enables us to provide a much wider range of information to identify, rank and profile the right KOLs


We focus our analysis on influence and engagement - understanding the importance of words and phrases that shape the perception of engagement, and dig out the chain of connections to find the right path to reach out to a target KOL