ChatNetZero – The Crossroad Where AI and Climate Transparency Meet

ChatNetZero's mission is harnessing the potential of AI while preventing the spread of misinformation.

Challenges faced by the sustainability industry

The need for fact-checking decarbonization commitments is gradually growing with the number of related documents released. Since the Paris Agreement took effect in 2015, there has been a static growth in the number of documents on environmental commitments released.

Alongside being a proof of sustainable progress, it also poses challenges. The definitions of sustainability concepts are often interpreted slightly differently across businesses, which makes it impossible to tell what a company commits to exactly just by referring to well-known commitment terms. If one aims to understand long documents and compare their content from different sources without the help of technology, they need to go through the time-consuming process of in-depth analysis.

AI: a strength and risk for sustainability

Fortunately, AI offers a solution to this challenge. AI and machine learning make working with big datasets accessible, and as a result enable fact-checking and short summaries within minutes. The information contained in decarbonization documents has the power to support researchers, journalists, and policymakers by providing an overview and in-depth understanding of what certain commitments stand for.

AI is the most powerful technological innovation on the market that has what is needed to shift the world towards a more sustainable future. Transparency on sustainability requires a consistent and efficiently applicable approach that can analyze the roots of sustainability commitments. Having the potential to raise awareness, LLM (Large Language Models) are a perfect tool to facilitate the flow of information on entities’ sustainability commitments.

However, AI is seen as a double-edged sword in the climate industry – as a tool with immense potential for climate transparency, and a risk for sharing misinformation through hallucinations.

How ChatNetZero harnesses AI's strengths while reducing its risks

ChatNetZero challenges the double-edged sword view of AI at its core. It harnesses AI’s benefit, while keeping the shared information safe from frequent misinformation. It goes beyond the potential offered by AI: it not only harnesses AI’s power but also reduces its danger to the sustainability community – it eliminates most hallucinations that occur so often when using AI.

ChatNetZero enables fact-checking, research, benchmarking, improving education and raising awareness for a wide target audience. Businesses and governments benefit from these features, as well as sustainability enthusiasts across industries. ChatNetZero makes the spread of scientific understanding transparent and reliable for everyone with a question on sustainability.


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The ChatNetZero technology

ChatNetZero’s unique technology is what ultimately enables harnessing the power of AI from big data sources, while significantly reducing hallucinations. Throughout the algorithm’s development, Arboretica’s and the Data-Driven EnviroLab’s experts adjusted the code to several parameters to ensure that it fulfills the needs of a range of target audiences – experts in the fields of sustainability, business, policy analysis, and sustainability enthusiasts. ChatNetZero provides its users with fact-checking, research, benchmarking, improving education and raising awareness.

Reducing the occurrence of hallucinations that originate from the “black box” phenomenon of AI, ChatNetZero’s most innovative aspect is its anti-hallucination algorithmic feature. The technology achieves exceptional transparency as the answers produced by ChatNetZero always refer back to the sources they are based on. It specifies the pages, which enables users to gain a better understanding of the answers they are looking for. The information and answers ChatNetZero produces are based on documents that are fed into the algorithm.

The sources vary from analytical reports written by the Net Zero Tracker consortium to the United Nations’ High-Level Expert Group on the Net Zero Commitments of Non-State Entities. As a result, the platform can accurately answer questions about climate and net-zero commitments for: 

  • nearly 200 countries,
  • every region in the largest 25 emitting nations, from California to Guangdong,
  • every city with over 500,000 inhabitants,
  • and the 2,000 largest publicly listed companies in the world by revenue.

User experience

ChatNetZero’s user experience is centered around transparency and accessibility. When opening the tool, everyone can ask questions that benefit their fields of expertise and interests, regardless of their background. It uses the power of AI to express itself in an effortlessly understandable way, while it reflects on the sources that were used to provide information on the users’ questions.

ChatNetZero thus allows users to gain a better understanding of topics relating to their original questions, as they have access to the documents’ specific pages the program sorts through for crafting its answer.

For example, ChatNetZero answers questions like the following examples.


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ChatNetZero's future

Enhancing ChatNetZero’s technology allows users to navigate through even more sustainability information, smoothly and efficiently.

The plans for the future of the technology take it to the next level to ensure ChatNetZero remains at the forefront of AI-driven climate solutions. 

  • An anti-greenwashing algorithm will complement the existing anti-hallucination feature. The anti-greenwashing feature will promote accountability with a transparent platform that detects possible falsehood in net-zero commitments when those are not aligned with sustainable action. This enables holding entities accountable, calls out on greenwashing, and supports transparency.
  • Live internet searches of the platform will benefit user queries by increasing engagement and the public’s interaction with widespread sustainability sources.
  • A self-uploaded document feature will allow users to upload their own climate documents to the platform and receive expert-feedback regarding their net-zero content.
  • Corporate benchmarking and strategy development will allow users to benefit from the tool’s analysis against industry norms and sustainable practices. It can take financial efficiency and tackling climate challenges into account, while encouraging sustainability-friendly competition.
  • In-depth analysis features will support researchers to better understand entities’ climate strategies. The features include detailed indicators like comprehensive emission coverage and offset strategies, facilitating advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks through numerical text representations and the model’s embeddings.

ChatNetZero's benefits

ChatNetZero boosts ambition and real climate action by spreading sustainability information transparently. It offers a solution for researchers, journalists, policymakers, and anyone with a question on environmental challenges. ChatNetZero is a smoothly navigable software tool that has what it takes to summarize or analyze documents, and even help prepare educational or expert sustainability materials. 


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