Nature Policy Database

Key Challenges

Work with top global NGO and environmental agency to construct the world’s largest global database of nature policies to advocate for more governmental actions at COP 26 in Glasgow, 2021


With our domain expert partners, we used artificial intelligence and machine learning to search millions of web pages for legislation and investment plans that are driving the uptake of nature-based solutions (NbS), and to assess their effectiveness. 

Using a combination of proprietary algorithms including exhaustive search, key content extraction, semantic analysis, and policy ranking and indexing, we developed an end-to-end pipeline that completed the search and evaluation of nature policies for 175 countries under the Paris Agreement within 3 weeks

Enlarge policy data coverage globally

1 million+ sources and 200+ policies found for 175 countries under Paris Agreement

Enable automated key content extraction

Extract key policy content from unstructured data sources into policy database

Accelerate policy content analysis

Reduce labor cost and time by 85% with streamlined policy analytics pipeline

This project has been featured on the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, and as the Glasgow Conference in Glasgow, UK. We are the pioneer organization on applying AI techniques to solve sustainability and climate changes


Arboretica’s proprietary AI-powered policy analytics has proven to demonstrate significant advantage over traditional policy analysis – freeing up manpower, and ensuring repeatable, consistent high-quality policy analysis using an automated pipeline