Exploring COP28 Anticipation: A Sneak Peek into Emerging Topics


As we stand on the precipice of COP28, the or Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, Arboretica’s team of data scientists have delved into the pulse of global media, examining 1,431 top English news articles since January 1st, 2023.

The analysis, not only unveils prevalent themes, but also provides a glimpse into emerging discussions that promise to shape the narrative around the most important gathering for the climate change advocates.


Climate Change, Energy, and Fossil Fuels, the Dominant Topics in News

Unsurprisingly, climate change, energy, and fossil fuels dominate global news, setting the stage for discussions around COP28. Notably, our analysis challenges expectations, revealing that while energy and fossil fuel topics prevailed in news coverage, they weren’t the focal points during COP27. Instead, the limelight shone on discussions related to the private sector and finance. This shift underscores the nuanced dynamics influencing COP agendas.

Top news in the spotlight

Reuters – Shortfall in climate change cash grows ahead of COP28

MyJoyOnline – Government officials demand end of the fossil fuel; call for clean energy world

VOANews – UAE’s COP28 Leader: ‘Fight Climate Change, Not Each Other’ 

Middle East Hosting COP28: Spotlight on Oil and Fossil Fuels

With COP28 hosted in the Middle East, oil and fossil fuels naturally become spotlighted topics. The geopolitical context injects a new dimension into the discussions, reflecting the regional importance and impact on global climate negotiations.

Top news in the spotlight

BBC – COP28: Why has an oil boss been chosen to head climate summit?

Reuters – Comment: Oil and gas companies are digging in. That’s why COP28 must force a phase-down of fossil fuels

Khaleej Times – COP28 UAE: Dr Sultan Al Jaber urges oil and gas industry to invest in clean energy solutions

Hot Topics: Civil Society and Global Stocktake

Two standout themes gaining momentum are civil society and the global stocktake. The latter, an essential component of international climate efforts, deserves particular emphasis. 

As seen in our last week’s post, the global stocktake is a comprehensive assessment of collective progress towards climate goals. Its significance cannot be overstated, serving as a crucial tool to evaluate nations’ contributions, foster accountability, and guide future climate action.

Emerging Discussions: Global Warming, Fossil Fuels, Climate Crisis, and Civil Society

As we anticipate COP28, discussions around global warming, fossil fuels, climate crisis, and civil society are burgeoning. These topics encapsulate the evolving narrative, reflecting the growing awareness and urgency surrounding climate issues. 

Let’s dive deeper into each:

Climate Crisis: The intensified discussions around the climate crisis signal a collective acknowledgment of the urgent need for decisive actions to avert catastrophic consequences.

Climate Crisis

Global Warming: A perennial concern, global warming remains at the forefront, indicating sustained global attention and the pressing need for effective climate solutions.

Global Warming

Fossil Fuels: Despite not being the primary focus at COP27, fossil fuels continue to generate intense discussions, highlighting their enduring impact on climate dialogues.

Fossil Fuel

Civil Society: The role of civil society emerges as a key theme, emphasizing the importance of diverse voices and grassroots efforts in shaping climate policies.

Civil Society

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