Today, ZFG Insights is officially renamed to “Arboretica”! 

Initiated during the middle of the Covid pandemic, we have had opportunities to collaborate with partners with global influence and exceptional domain expertise to unleash the power of AI and open source data to solve challenges that make a positive impact on both the climate and our society. 

About the name
Arboretica is blended from the words “arborescence” + “analytica”. In the field of network intelligence, the term arborescence describes the decision-tree structure that helps reveal meaningful insights from unstructured information. In Arboretica, we develop a portfolio of machine learning algorithms, assembled from network intelligence, natural language processing, and exhaustive data collection, to expand the possibility of data analysis beyond reach with traditional methods. 

Our mission 
At Arboretica, we empower organizations to make faster, impactful decisions by uncovering meaningful insights from the world’s public data. Combining automated open-source intelligence (OSINT) with expert analysis, we extract and prioritize the information you need—and only that you need— to accelerate decision-making and streamline work processes. 

Today marks a brand new milestone in our journey. We look forward to the years ahead to drive real impact with AI. We are always ready to hear your challenges, and solve them together!

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